ques|tion1 [ `kwestʃən ] noun ***
1. ) count something that someone asks you when they want information:
answer a question: Why won't you answer my question?
ask a question: I regretted asking the question as soon as the words were out.
rephrase a question (=ask it in a different way): Perhaps I ought to rephrase the question.
evade/sidestep a question (=deliberately not answer it): Politicians have a habit of evading difficult questions.
awkward question (=one that is difficult or embarrassing to answer): Children are always asking awkward questions about the facts of life.
a searching/probing question (=one that asks for information that someone might not want to give): probing questions about my health
a ) a request for information that is intended to test your knowledge, for example in a test or competition:
answer a question: Only one person answered all three questions correctly.
2. ) count an issue that needs to be discussed and dealt with:
raise a question: Recent incidents are bound to raise questions about the level of violence in hockey.
address/tackle/resolve a question (=deal with a question): His report did not address the question of air warfare.
vexing question (=a difficult one): the vexing question of the national minimum wage
3. ) count or uncount a feeling of doubt about something:
question over/as to/about: There had been some question as to whether to interview the boy.
raise questions (=create doubts): This information began to raise questions in her mind about Jack's innocence.
be out of the question MAINLY SPOKEN
used for saying that something is definitely not a possibility:
Taking a holiday then is out of the question, you'll have to arrange it for some other time.
be a/the question of MAINLY SPOKEN
used for saying what the most important issue is in a situation:
There would definitely be some job losses; it was just a question of how many.
We all want to go ahead with the project, but there's the question of finance.
beyond question
if something is beyond question, there are no doubts about it at all:
Her loyalty is beyond question.
call/bring/throw something into question
to make something seem less certain:
New evidence has called into question the testimony of this witness.
in question
1. ) the person, thing, time, etc. in question is the one you are talking about at the present time:
The photograph in question was taken long before I met you.
2. ) if something is in question, there are doubts about it:
Are you saying that the validity of the test is in question?
(that's a) good question SPOKEN
used as a way of saying that you do not know something
there is no question about/that
used for saying that something is definitely true:
He will win. There is no question about it.
There is no question that she has a great voice.
there is no question of something
if there is no question of something, it definitely will not happen:
They loved each other but there was no question of marriage.
There is no question of us interfering in the running of the business.
without question
1. ) used for saying that something is definitely true:
He is without question the best player on our team.
2. ) if someone does something without question, they do it without asking any questions:
He expected to be obeyed without question.
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ques|tion 2 [ `kwestʃən ] verb transitive ***
1. ) if the police question someone, they ask them questions to find out what they know about a crime:
A man is being questioned by detectives in connection with the murder of a young girl.
a ) to ask someone questions formally or officially:
Witnesses are reminded of their duty to tell the truth when questioned in court.
A hundred employers were questioned in the survey.
b ) to ask someone a question to find out what they know about something:
Curious friends questioned me about the case.
2. ) to have or express doubts about something:
Some historians question the validity of oral data.
question the wisdom/logic/merit of something: She was beginning to question the wisdom of leaving so quickly.
question someone's motives: I don't think it's fair to question his motives just because he disagrees with you.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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